Monday, July 19, 2010

Boho Love

Oh my god so much stuff so so much stuff happening! But thats for another time! For now I am blogging a new adorable look! I was dragged around and spoiled by my friends all day...I love my avie so much these days! I had fun but I will admit I got bored of shopping after awhile...*gasp* those words just came out of my mouth! ikr shocking! Meh but I really need to thank my always adorable and loving forever sister, Alannah Farspire for really helping me out and getting me looking hawt ;)

ONWARD TO THE POST! I got new elf ears, new hair, and I got my tiny tots hud again! Yay! I'm rambling because I'm tired sokay :3 OH! *points down* ain't I cute ;)

Hair: fri. - Tatum.2 - Paranoid Black
Skin: :GP: Cupid [Light] 1k
Dress: *BB* Lola (Without understuff and shoes)
Shoes: *BB* Charlotte (Shoes Only)
Ears: :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears [Sanrio]
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Pose: Glitterati!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello! Summer Days

Hey everyone! I'm back, and blogging again! As most of you know, I have lost my original avatar, due to some bad drama, and while getting her back would be nice, I decided to start fresh, and once again set out on my own! But I'm truly thankful because in times like these, you see who you true friends are. I want to thank everyone who I I've ranted to and I'm sorry for being emo, and I promise I'll be cheerful in no time! But seriously thank you for looking after me!

Anyway so today I have my amazing super duper new friend, Vivi, wifey of darling Daisy, posing with me. She is AWESOMESAUCE, and I am glad we are friends hehe!

On Me!
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Skin: :GP: Cupid [Light] 1k
Dress: *Aura's* Blaire Outfit (Comes with Bow and Shoes!)
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Pose: Glitterati

On Viv
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Top: ~* Larnia Kids *~ recycle tshirt
Shorts: ~* Larnia Kids *~ grey polka dot cotton shorts
Necklace: LacieCakes - *LC* E (K) - Blessed Cross Necklace
Shoes: ~* Larnia Kids *~ L Khuckers rose lo-tops~
Socks: ~* Larnia Kids *~ rose striped socks
Pose: Glitterati

Friday, July 16, 2010

Night Night Time!

Good Morning GOOD MORNING! :]
Oh man I have so much to share on Sunday - a big ole post full of pictures I've taken and others have taken to document my whole week at camp! I cannot believe it's almost over *sobs* I hope that all the friends I made will continue to talk to me after camp! My momma and me are even trying to plan a sleepover! Anyway since Sunday is a big day that requires alot of typing and blogging, I'm gonna have another short and sweet blog post today...=D

Ohh today really is a lazy blog post hehe! I'm wearing a combination of two outfits for once, instead of a whole outfit hehe yay!

Hair: >TRUTH<>
Bottom: Reek - Watermelon Dino PJs - GIRLS (Bottoms only)
Stuffed Animal: CCC Snugglebear Pink
Poses: LAPS

Sos thats it for today...I think I live at CCC to much, but thats sokay cause its cute and all ;)
See all of you tomorrow

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hawaiian Summer Day

Good Morning Everyone!

Not much to say today, I'm tired and stressed and not wanting no more drama grrr!
Before I head of to work, I'll post my blog for everyone! Nothing fancy today, just a normal blog post! Today I'm blogging one of my favorite dresses I own on SL, one of the newest releases from CCC!

Hair: >TRUTH< Paige - night - 250
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Beach-Pure 2 - 1k
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Outfit (Comes with Shoes): CCC Amber Dress
Poses: LAPS

Meh slightly boring post today I'm sorry about that, but I'm gonna have some epic huge ones this weekend for the RFL and end of camp! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Bunnies and Dude

Good Afternoon everyone! I'm sorry that I'm a little late today, I've been doing fun games and getting ready for the dance competition at camp all morning! This morning I managed to drag a few more people into a picture for me, this time I asked for their beachwear!

I even upped my graphics and killed my computer just to do a awesome picture! Also I'm sorry for taking forever with poses...I really do need group poses! :D

Shown in picture (Left to Right) Hunter Raremaster, mookie Criss, Chelsea Grigg, gracelyn Erin, Me and Sami Galewind

Interesting bunch, aren't we? Even have boys *gasp* but they are cootie free ;)
Of course the boys were not willing to give clothes names meanies :P Sos skipping to the girls...

Mookie is first, and looking very cute in a pink bathing suit from Babydolls called Dolly Bathin Suit Ensemble. She also proudly showed off her hair from Bax that she loves due to no one else in camp having it haha. It's called Nathalie (Cocoa)

Next up is Chelsea, who I am so glad I was able to drag along hehe. She is wearing one of her newest bathing suits she has been working on, and hopefully she plans on releasing when she gets back from camp :P it is called Riley! She topped off her look with some cute hair from called Carrie.

Gracie is next to Chelsea! She is also one of my coworkers from CCC, and so nice hehe, thank you for coming also! She is wearing a cute bathing suit from Aura's called Sere Swimsuit (Purple) And what else for hair in this camp but more Truth hair! She is wearing the Nadia hair!

I'm going to skip my outfit for now, but my hair is also from Truth,. newly bought! Everyone loves new hair! It's called Riley (Night)

Hair: >TRUTH< Jess - night - 250
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Beach-Pure 2 - 1k
Outfit (Includes Shoes): CCC Dhani Swimsuit - 250
Poses: LAPS

I had originally blogged this last week and was gonna post it this week, so here it is with the rest hehe! Until tomorrow! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Looks!

Now I am really tired today, so I am not going to be overly creative with what I say, so don't mind me! I had a long day yesterday, and I swear I did 85% of the events that went right to I was tired from that...grrr! On another sidenote, the style of my blog entry will be different due to all the people I have in it!

Now in this first picture post, we have (from left to right) mookie Criss, McKenzie Halfpint, Linsay Charisma, Me, and Caesey Sawson!

mookie Criss is looking quite bright and ready to hit the mall in her Kick Rockn outfit from Dollee Pocket, and of course topped off with some some cute Truth hair called Monica (Dune).

>Next up is Kenzie! She popped in at the last second sporting one of CCC's newest outfits, LIA (in Pink). She also, like mookie, topped of the look with some Truth hair called Lourdes.

Now Linsay! Linsay is one of my good friends and someone I enjoy hanging out with, so of course I dragged her into the picture! (Pose was also provided by her thankies!) She is wearing a cute outfit made for her cabin by one of the kids (Butterflies). To complete the springy style, she is wearing a hair called Carrie (Moody Brown).

Me next! Not much to say, I ended up wearing same outfit as Kenzie, just in blue! (I'm sorry I didn't notice) and also like the others I have Truth hair to complete everything...mine is called Sylvia (Black) but I would also like th point out the most adorable shoes I am wearing from Larnia Kids...I won them in a event the other say and have been wearing them since! To make the shoes look better, I have on some cute ankle socks made by my very own Momma! (

Last but certainly not least, is Caesey! She was the first one to volunteer to do this with me and for that, I thank her! She is wearing a ever adorable outfit called Maddie from Babydolls! Oh and hair? What else but truth with this camp! She is wearing the Belinda hair (Barley)!

Sos thats our day outfits! Though I have couple more things to post! I was talking in camp chat, seeing if anyone else wanted to be in on blogging pictures and Sage was saying wanted to but she was still in of course I was like, LEZ GO TO CABINS NOW! and made everyonw get into pajamas and cram into a single bunk...which WE DID! HI5!

So here we are, all crammed into my single bunk! 6 whole people! (Left to RIGHT!)
Kiawanna Barrowstone, Caesey Sawson, mookie Criss, Linsay Charisma, Me! and Sage Kostenbaum!

So crammed under the covers with all of us crushing here is Kia! You cannot see her barely but she had a cute nightgown on from CCC called Ariel, and cute curly pigtails from Calico called Haley (Black)

Here we have Caesey, with the most awesome hairdo you will ever find! Her hair is from Gracile and its called Laundry Day Lily! With it, she paired one of the newest releases from CCC, a nightgown called Presley (Green)

Spacing out next to her is Mookie! Mookie is wearing one of my favorite pajamas in all of SL! The Watermelon colored Dinosaur footie pajamas from Reek! With them she has another Truth hairstyle...which the name escapes me at the moment!

Linsay is sitting there in the same outfit as earlier, and sporting a nice uhm..bald to love SL everyone! <3

Well me...? I am wearing a cute PJ set from Aura's called Bunnie Jammies...and they are pink and black! I'm also wearing some more Truth hair called Giselle (Black) and still have my Mom's socks on!

Lastly we have Sage! She was so cute in her Irie dress from Edelweiss, and some cute hair from D!va called Mayumi to make it even cuter!

My hands hurt from typing and I am SO tired...sorry this wasn't a better post...I shall try harder next time! Have a good day everyone!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Innocence and Butterflies

Good Morning all! and what a lovely morning it is! (though I am indeed tired!) Boy am I tired from all the fun I am having at camp! Yesterday we dsid a ice cream maze, played hide and go seek, played poop deck, had a live performer who was AMAZING! Had our first cabin wars (in which we lost...Cabin 2 is cheating I SWEAR! :P) I almost was to lazy to blog today...almost...xD. So anyway today I bring you a new release from CCC! The most adorable dress! This is actually one of my favorite dresses now! It's funny, that today what I am blogging, is what I am wearing for camp today! But then again, I just now noticed I skipped a look...crap!

Hair: >TRUTH< Giselle - night - 250
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Beach-Pure 2 - 1k
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Outfit (Includes Shoes): CCC Beckii - 350
Poses: LAPS

Sos I just now noticed her eyes are closed in one...well darn it, I am su lazy! Anyway the look was simple and to the point today! Until tomorrow have a swell day

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leaving for Camp!

Hi from Camp HK! Oh gosh so I arrived here around 7 slt last night and boy was it laggy! I hads fun though fighting through the lag with my fellow cabin girls! After the Opening Ceremony we all headed back into our cabin and started to decorates! Boy did some girls go all out! Mine looks so blah next to theirs hehe! Anyways before camp, I tooks pictures for blogging to last me all week so I never would run out of stuff to blog while camping! YAY! I also plan on blogging some camp pictures to!

Sos about todays outfits...I actually meant to blog it yesterday, because its what I wore to camp and all...but owell, it will be todays! We gots camp backpacks, and suitcases and shirts, boy are we spoiled! I dids not get backpack till after I tooks the picture though. We all hads to wear them for the first day of camp, I didnt mind, except that I coulds not wear my tiny tots stuff >:[
Hair: >TRUTH> Paige - night
Vest: ::: B@R ::: Firestarter Cian Top (Spine)
Pants: *BB* Calla in blue - Calla Pants
Flip flops: ~* Larnia Kids *~ camper girl flip flops - 50l friday
Accesories: Cabin 4 Suitcase
Poses: LAPS

All cabins has a specific color, and we are the surfer we are a blueish green color! We gots shirt with our color and cabin and also suitcases with our cabin names on them! Ah so awesome! I gots new hair finally from the amazing Truth, thanks to Chelsea, who got it for me so I could model a formal dress for her store. Thank yew Chelsea! :D

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camp Hardknock Summer 2010!

Good Morning all! Boy am I excited! TODAY IS CAMP! Aw man I been waiting for this for a long time! It is my very first time at camp and I'm so excited to make new friends and meet all new people and ah everything! Anyway to celebrate camp, I put together a camp look for all of you!

Hair: Magika - Zomg (B&W: Charcoal) - Discount
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Beach-Pure 2 - 1k
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Outfit: ~* Larnia Kids *~ camper girl - 50l Friday
Flip flops: ~* Larnia Kids *~ camper girl flip flops - 50l friday
Accesories: Reek - Bullhorn & Reek - Fanny Pack - Blues&Pink UNCOMMON - Fanny Pack is a Gatcha item from the Gatcha festival!
Poses: LAPS

Well I'm off for a week of uber excitement! Now just to decide what to wear there hehe! Hae a good week all!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

Ohai lez see, here is my first post on clothes! I recently acquired manys clothes from someone very close, and was so excited to finally have new clothes that I put them on right away! One of them was a Babydolls outfit called JamieJo in Pink. Now pink isnt my favorite color ever, but I tried it on and was like WAH it's su cute! I fell in love with it, and especially the hat!

Hair: Side Parted Bob with Flip (Black 2) - Found in's actually by TRUTH!
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Beach-Pure 2 - 1k
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Outfit: *BB* JamieJo in pink
Flip flops: CCC Lyssa Flip Flops - Came with Lyssa Bathing Suit
Poses: LAPS

sos about that hair...My momma actually found out about the library is a few freebie hairs by Truth and well...they are awesome! Not bad at all to have and good to wear! I was so amazed when she told me this and I didn't even believe her before I looked myself!


Ohai everyone! Nabs here giving you a hearty HELLO!

Well to start off, this is my offical blog for kids - I have another one for my teen but since my kid is my main, I decided to make one just for kids! Made by kids for kids you see? My name is Nabai Farspire and I am age 5! I have a wonderful family, and amazing friends! My Momma also blogs and I think she is the bestest blogger ever and thats why I look up to her hehe! I hopes to be as dedicated as she is one day to this blog! Now I love to shop, and I mean LOVE! I am such a hair addict and I just adore the variety of childrens stores around SL! My favorites would have to be Chelsea's Childrens Clothes (Nu I am not just saying that cause I work there hehe!) Babydolls Boutique and Aura's! They have such cute things! I have not much explored others, but I am sure there are other goods ones out there waiting to be found and bought out by me! Now a little about what I wear all the time. I am most often found wearing the Tiny Tots HUD (?) which is by Sweet Baby and also sold at Gigglebox, it makes your child avatar even smaller and cuter then before. The only downside is I can only wear dresses with it...sos if you see me without a dress in this blog, chances are I am not wearing the tiny tots hud. Now my skin is almost always the same. Curio is on of the few skins that look decent on a kid, and I adore the ones I wear! Sos you will rarely find me changing skin!

AND so I start my blogging...NOW! Buh Bai!