Friday, November 26, 2010


Evening everyone! I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to write a special blog about what I am thankful for, and the people I am thankful and every little other thing I can think about. I know a lot of people don't care for this mushy stuff, but I just want everyone to here I go!

Over the past year in SL, i'll admit I've had my fair share of drama. Rather it was a family falling apart, or fights with my best friends, a lot of stuff happened. I gained friends, I lost friends. The memories we have shared though will live on always...I'm glad to have them to, the good and bad, there is never any of them that I would want to forget.

Momma...seriously you came out of nowhere just when I needed you most. We started talking slowly on plurk, and then eventually we even started talking in Second Life. The moment we started talking, I could tell that we clicked right away. You helped me through some tough times, gave me advice and gave me a little push when I needed it. I never expected to be in your family though! I'm so glad that I have the amazing privilege to call you my Momma, and I hope to call you that for a very long time. forever twin brother, and my best friend. I adore you to death, and I always will. We grew up together in real life, and then you even made a kid avatar in SL with me! We have shared some amazing memories, and you always made me smile even when I was have a gift with that you know. I'm glad that I can share my life with you, both in sl and rl....I'm glad to call you my best friend. are my forever auntie, for four years now you've been in my life, always there with a smile, and some comforting words. I know things can get tough for you, but your such a strong amazing woman and having you in my life has been one of the best things ever. Thank you so much for sticking with me all these years and putting up with'll always be my auntie minxie.

Katahli...four years you were my best friends, and I was to say the least...heart broken when I lost you last year. Life after you was never quite the same in second life. You were my partner in crime, my picture buddy, someone I had weird moments with, who I shared movies with (The Grudge...xD) But I do not regret the time we had together, and you'll always have a place in my heart...I'm super glad we talk again, and I hope someday that we're as close as ever again. forever daddy. You and me went through a lot I must say...but amazingly your still here...still bugging me on skype and WoW, acting the role of dad even though you don't need to. When I first met you, I never dreamed we'd be as close as we are watched over me like I imagine an older brother would, and it makes me feel safe. While I miss you on SL, I'm glad you have kept me in your life on skype and such.

Tess...what to say about you girlie. We've had our good times, our not so good times and our just plain bad times. We've been on and off friends, we fought together, we laughed together and we've cried together...but I don't regret meeting you, nor do I regret being best friends with you. Your strong willed girl, who never gives up and I adore you so much. I promise I'll always be here for you, through our good times and bad times, cause let's face it, your stuck with me.

Angel...although we are no longer friends, I loved our time the short time we had you became one of my closest and dearest friends, and we shared a lot of good times together. I never dreamed that when Tess first introduced us, that we'd be so close...but we were. I still loves you, and I miss you a lot. I do wish you super happiness in your future deserve it.

Jennah...I remember when I first met you! On plurk haha. You have such a kind heart, and your such an amazing, supportive friend, and I would never trade you for the world. I'm so glad that I get to call you my friend, and I really hope you never decide to get rid of me. You've helped me through so much, you've been my rock in these hard times, and I'm pretty sure I'd be off sl by now if it weren't for you.

Mami Emmma...I met you cause you stalked me through my best friend...*giggles* but seriously, when I first talked to you, I could tell that we clicked right away. You are a nerd, dork, but just plain awesome girl, and I'm so happy that your my god mami. I know you have to deal with a lot of things, but please know that your a great person with a huge heart and that I am always here to help you when you need it.

Tuesday...Whoa girlie...I met you only a week ago now, and you already stole a place in my heart. Your so easy to talk to and get along with, which sometimes can be really hard for me because I'm so shy...but I opened right up to you, and dragged you along everywhere. Your such a nice, talented, sweet girl, I'm glad your in the kid world, and that I happened to be in Larnia that day to meet you. You've become one of my closest friends, and I hope you remain that way a super long time.

Kiersten...I've not had very much siblings during SL...they always are inactive. But you, your always on, always talking to me or hanging out with me and I love me your like a real sister, that I can cause trouble with. Your so great, always listening to me when I rant, or willing to cause trouble with me and I'm glad to call you my sister.

Sagey...I met you during camp! Then we became friends randomly and I was so happy. Your so much fun to talk to, as well as easy! You've got a good heart, and a great personality and I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. 

Daisy, Bella and Vivan...the three of you...haha the three of you are just plain all have helped me through so much, and stood by me. Although we do not often hang out or talk anymore just know I'm glad to call you guys my friends and I love you guys so much! BELLA I MISS YOU TO <3

Madalynn and Mara....are my big me's wonderful daughters...Mara came to me a year ago, and made an avatar just to be with me. I love her to death, and even though she doesn't play her kid much, she is always my little girl. She is such a amazing person with a beautiful heart, and I'm so glad I met her. Maddy, I met before I adopted her...on my little me, and we were friends...she was such a sweet girl...then I found her at MAW and she became my little girl. She is such a good person, so innocent and full of life, and I promise I'll always be here for her.

(Others that I love to death, or love bugging or anything else...=p)
Mookie, Alannah, Calista, Miss Jill, Giselle, Fefe, Mariah, Brie, Story, Lishi, Chelsea, Marie, Aimee, Beckii, Chloe,  Brookie, Grizzy, Nobu, SeanJean, Nightmare, Annabelle, Durga, Ava, Avy, Abi, Sophie, Aussie, Harmony, LilNikki.

(If I forgot you, poke me inworld...I'm half asleep!)

I'm so thankful for each and every one of you....even if I just met some of you, or I'm to shy to talk to others, just know that if any of you need me, I'm always here to listen and offer my help. I wish everyone a great year, and thank you all for making my SL really, truly great.


  1. I love you my Grandnara, so very very much.

  2. Love Love Love <3 You're always in my heart my narabee! :D That's such an amazing post! melted mine heart :3