Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Giving Hunt!

Everyone! Good afternoon! I forgot to mention in last weeks post that for awhile, since I'm so busy, that I'm only doing posts once a week for awhile! So yeah thats why its like this...xD (Actually I've already done a post since then...what the heck?!?)

ANYWAY! Woot! As I'm sure everyone knows, the Giving Hunt started the other day as I've had this post saved for awhile...xD! I know we're all super excited to see what this great hunt in store! As I am lucky enough to be one of the bloggers for it, when I woke up I got right on so I could complete this hunt as fast as possible! Sadly...I'm not that great of a hunter...xD so I'm going pretty slow! Hence why its days later and I'm still not done! 


So here are some of the fantublous items from TGH! Everyone has done a wonderful job at making this a good hunt and kudos to all of you! I'm sorry if I don't blog everything, but I'll probably get to most of them within in the next couple of weeks! So let's get started shall we?

(1) Picture: Larnia Kids has never failed to provide a adorable look! Although these are not part of the hunt, they were the FLF items last week and I decided to blog them to! However the item I'm holding is the item from Amame! A mega cute corduroy bear that your avie holds! It reminds me of one that me and my siblings had growing up.

(2) Picture (Kiersten): I got my amazing little sister, Kiersten Baily to model some stuff with me, and she gladly helped! She is modeling the Inner Peace dress that Riley made all super adorable and stuff. The 2nd dress picture, is by Giselle, from Dream Doll also an adorable creation! On her ears are the 'Ears of Corn' from Razzberry, so silly yet so her! 

(3) Picture: In this picture I have several of the shirts and items display from the hunt. In the first one, I'm wearing a cute little shirt by my Mini Momma from Baby Couture. I paired it with the scarf from Lil Punkz Wear! The 2nd striped shirt is from Minii Inc! I love to pear this cute turtle neck with black jackets (To be blogged next week!)...erm anyway lastly is a cute hat shirt combo from Little One Couture!

(4) Picture: Who doesn't love Babydolls Boutique or Candii Kitten? They once again give us some adorable items.

(5) Picture: Lastly Whimzie owned by Lishi, gave us these adorable blankets called 'Secruity Blankets' which come in 3 options of pink blue or new! I have my sister, Kier once again posing with me, and we're using a pose from Momma's shop (I need to ask Kier what one :>)

Ok so my second part to this post will be up whenver...once I'm like not so lazy haha! I wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be safe on Black Friday, and meanwhile eat A LOT OF TURKEY! and be thankful for your loved ones <3