Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's a Cute Winter Wonderland

Hiii everyone! I cheated. Look see. this is also my post from the Blubb blog, but with more added...sorry xD I am just lazy these days...and what not! I have a giant post for The Giving Hunt and FLF saved seriously it's been saved since the hunt just sits there...yelling at me to finish it...but...I CAN'T! I'M TO LAZY LAZY LAZY! So is a post from blubb, except I blogged my clothes as well..xD (Jennah ilu lolool don't be mad)

So these pictures are taken at a pretty amazing place. It's a small seemingly quiet sim, by the creator AM Radio. This person makes the most wonderful places as I'm sure you all know, all perfect for taken pictures. This one has gently falling snow, small slopes, a frozen pond, a cute little cozy house and just enough trees to leave it open but not to open. Here is your ticket! Winter Wonderland!

On Nara!
Shirt: **DP**yumyum linen pullover (brown) - 200 (?)
Hair: >TRUTH< Charlotte - barley - 125
Pants: [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans - Vintage
Boots: Reek - Autumn Boots - Sienna - Fifty Linden Friday!
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses [b] - 150
Scarf: couverture*lace stole >Pink - ?
Skin: Mynerva - Little Belita 4 Teeth Black brows Blush - 600
Eyes: ~Mynerva~ SoulHeart Eyes - Peregian - 100

On Kier!
Hair: [E] Melody - 250 (?)
Set: *Aura's* Suzanna Skating Outfit - 500 
Skates: *Aura's* Sparkle Ice Skates (Texture & Color Change) - 350
(I will not post her skin nor eyes out of respect for her <3)

(From Blubb, which btw...VIST NOW!
About these pictures. I dragged my amaztastic sister, Kiersten Baily, and we got to take some adorable pictures! We used the Sled from JustKidding, from the Giving Hunt that was recently done. It's simply adorable, and if you've not done the hunt yet or even gone to JK! I definitely recommend that you go pronto! Hehe anyway! As you see, the sled comes with two different poses you could use, and both are simply adorabletastic!

About the last picture. Kiersten rezzed this randomly while I was afking into photoshop, and she made me sit on it. I noticed how cute it looked in the snow and I just had to take a snapshopt of it and add anow and...voila, cuteness to the extreme! The pose is called 'Cloud Watching' from Sassafras, by Abby and I can definitely see tt being used a lot in this coming winter!


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