Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the Night...

Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the house...

Momma was trying to usher her kids to bed...but no no we saids. We wanted a bed time story! So we all gathered around the fireplace with care and snuggled all up in the warm air. and together we read while we waited with hopes that Santa Clause soon would be there.

Then with Momma growing weary and the children nodding off. She sent them to bed, one by one. Soon the kids were all nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

Suddenly I woke, in a strange new place, on the floor under a great big Christmas tree, and cookies just for me. I slowly sat up and sat by the tree, and noticed that the cookies were for Santa not me! I looked at a clock and it said eight am, yet there were no presents and santa's cookies were still left! I peered under the tree and noticed a single stocking so I crawled under and pulled it out, hoping and praying that this wasn't empty. I peered in the stocking excited and all, but quickly fell disappointed when coal fell out.

As I stared at the coal in complete dismay, I finally looked around and noticed everything. I realized suddenly that I must be dreaming! So I pinched myself hard and awoke with a start...back in my bed with my sissy YAY! I sighed and laid back down, but then suddenly I heard a great sound. On the porch there arose such a clatter, I sprang up to see what was the matter. I turned to my sissy and pinched her nose, so I could tell her and then proceeded to jump out of bed. My niecey came poking her in and exclaimed that she heard a loud clatter. Together we snuck to the stairs, dragging the other two sissy's out of bed. We snuck slowly and quietly down the stairs. Suddenly we hear a loud "HO HO HO." from downstairs so we quickly...

stuck our noses around the corner. Niecey suddenly exclaimed "There's a man in red down there!" We all gasped and looked at each other in excitement. Ava smirked and said something about Momma kissing Santa Clause which shocked us all into quiet giggles. Just then from downstairs we heard Momma yell "Do I hear kids out of bed?" We looked at each other and scrambled upstairs...but then thought 'hey let's go go downstairs'. With Ava leading the way we bolted downstairs, just in time for Momma to turn around and spot us. We looked around in excitement, expecting to catch Santa, but as we glanced around we didn't see anyone else but Momma. We scratched at our heads and peered at each other, wondering how we missed him. Bu  Momma just smiled mischievously and ushered us to breakfast.

And Nana appeared and served us bacon. We started chowing down and mumbling to each other, while Nana and Momma conversed to each other. We suddenly realized that Daddy was missing and exclaimed to Momma where Daddy was. She just smiled and shook her head saying "He'll soon be here." We nodded slowly and continued our food until Momma decided it was time for our presents. We excited ran out of the dining room and plopped ourselves down in front of the tree, which now had presents everywhere! We all bounced around and giggled, excited and anxious that it was Christmas at last.

Daddy appeared at long last, and sat with Momma, but we were all to excited to ask where he's been. We waited and waited until at long last we couldn't wait anymore, and stared at Momma until she walked over and started. Gifts after gifts past out to us kids, we excitedly opened them gift by gift. I opened the first box and tilted my head and pulled out...coal. OH NO MY DREAM CAME TRUE! I thought to myself... Santa must of been mad at me for almost burning down the house and burning his cookies I thought to myself.

I shook my head and turned around and noticed that my sissy's also had coal. I titled my head and tried to remember, what they must of done to be so naughty. I shook my head once more and glance at Momma and Daddy, holding up my coal curiously. Momma just smiled again and Daddy said we had to look deeper. I stared at them strangely and turned back around, peering at the coal. I raised my hand and threw it on the floor, and as it broke a present came out. Oh what a glorious joke! I thought, and so we continued our Christmas presents opening, all giggling and laughing and talking in excitement.

Soon the gifts were all gone, and what was left was our cute little stockings still hung over the chimney with care.

We all quickly opened ours and ran around in excitement. With bikes and musical instruments and jewelry everywhere, we all collapsed in our piles of wrapping paper, while Momma and Daddy watched on. I stared at the ceiling, exhausted but happy and as I nodded off I thought in my head "I love my family." and nodded off once again.

Thank you to my wonderful family for the best Christmas ever, you guys all mean the world to me. Thank you to all my friends also, for the best Christmas ever. Everyone in my second life you all mean the world to me, and I wouldn't still be playing if it weren't for you. So please everyone have the best Christmas ever, drive safely and just remember what Christmas Spirit really is. *hugs them all ina group hug* xoxoxox